Cooking - Maestro chef (see attached flyer).
Bianca Bonino - Fools in Progress.
Murphy’s Puppets.

Excursions in Sydney:

Barilla Pasta school in Annandale.
Walking tours of Leichhardt - Contact Co.As.It. on 9564 0744.
Multimedia Centre in Leichhardt - Contact on 9564 0755.
Opera House.
Marconi Club.
Club Italia in Lansvale.

Year 8 Activity Day:

Teaming up with the local boys'/girls' school is always a hit. Round robin activities of 20 minutes or so (for example, bocce, soccer, tombola, song puzzle, clothes competition, jeopardy, trivia).

Haberfield/Leichhardt Excursion:

Il Goloso (60 Dalhousie St, Haberfield) does a great deal and gets students making their own pizzas.

Dolcissimo Haberfield offers lunch and gelato deals to students, with a function area. Great prices.

La Tavernetta Osteria on Norton Street in Leichhardt offers lunch and cooking classes to students at great prices. Contact Vittoria Meduri (vmeduri@parra.catholic.edu.au).

Art Gallery of NSW:

The Gallery has Italian artworks with language worksheets designed around them (Art speaks Italian). Contact the Education Office of the Art Gallery.

Pasta Making:

Jo Cassaniti from Peppe's Pasta will come to your school and lead a pasta making session.

Gelato Eating Competition:

A scoop of gelato in a cone. First to finish wins. Pure Gelato will deliver cups of gelato to your school.
$2.00 and a variety of flavours. Che buono!