Leo Gullotta, reading Sicily

The Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Sydney is proud to present Leo Gullotta, reading Sicily

Written by Fabio Grossi and interpreted by Leo Gullotta

Original music by Germano Mazzocchetti

Leo Gullotta, reading Sicily is a performance for solo voice based on Sicilian ancient and modern poetry and prose. By drawing its inspiration from the archaic image of Mother Earth (“The Great Mother”), the musical tale starts from the origins of literature on the Island of Cyclops right through to our modern times. A journey between Myths and everyday life, between laughter and public condemnation.

The solo voice is by Leo Gullotta who, using the language of illustrious contemporaries, guides the audience through the pages of literary masterpieces and the verses of their poems. In-between the readings, the protagonist will give a personal account of some episodes of his everyday life, his adolescence and the most meaningful moments of his career.

Leo Gullotta will be accompanied on stage by original music specifically written for the show. The music, also a protagonist of the show, will mark the various stages or chapters of this poetic journey, intertwined with literary voices from a remote past until to our current days.

The dramatic journey, masterfully conceived by Fabio Grossi, pays tribute to writers such as, among others, Giovanni Meli, Tomasi di Lampedusa, Luigi Pirandello, Luigi Capuana, Pippo Fava, Ignazio Buttitta, Andrea Camilleri and several other Sicilian authors.

A close encounter with Italian literature through Sicilian authors, inviting us to a critical meditation on our modern society, comparing it with today’s and yesterday’s considerations. A reflection on courage, both civil and practical, statement of a life not simple but worth living. Authors and protagonists who have bravely defended their ideas take shape through the voice and the stage presence of an interpreter with a genuine attitude and clear intents.

The most immediate feature of Leo Gullotta’s art is certainly his versatility, experienced however as expressive multiplication, never as an escape into superficiality. Classical theatre and rowdy variety shows, cabaret and Saturday night TV shows, commercials and Oscar-winning movies. Furthermore, an unmatched capacity to embody ‘minor’ characters, seen almost always askew, however true and memorable. Gullotta’s artistic versatility lies not only in his interpretative skills or on his natural predisposition to embrace different acting registers. On the contrary, it is the result of an actual life choice, of an inexhaustible curiosity towards all theatre experiences, of a human and professional generosity which drive him to overcome specializations and formulas and instead to thread the territory of contaminations.

Free event. Limited seats. Booking essential
PLEASE NOTE.: Admission strictly upon presentation of booking receipt

“Leo Gullotta Australian Tour 2017”
Generously sponsored by Andrew & Lina Gullotta
of Matraville Medical Centre

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